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Tired of Living In The Shadow of Your Diagnosis?


Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are undergoing treatments or have been deemed cured, the shadows of any illness can linger. The impact on our overall health, our relationships, our careers and our identities is often overlooked in the struggle to manage the diagnosis.

It’s not until the dust begins to settle that we mourn the loss of all of the other facets of life. And often we feel guilty doing so, after all, shouldn’t we just be happy to be alive?

Yes, we can be happy to be alive AND want more. And we’ve learned so much, our “old lives” don’t even fit anymore. So where does that leave us?

Ready to create our best, most extraordinary life!  

It’s Time To Start Living Again

Imagine the extraordinary life you’d live, the relationships you’d have, the plans you’d make, the freedom you’d feel, the new things you’d try if you refused to let your diagnosis define you.


The Heal Your Life Circle


Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul. We'll teach you how to:

  • Explore and focus on one aspect of your life at a time
  • Decide what to leave behind, what to keep and what to celebrate
  • Create a life you love based on all of your experiences

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.



Here are just some of the topics we focus on within the circle...


Navigating a diagnosis changes us. It changes how we see ourselves and how we interact with the world. Creating a new self-image with purpose and intent allows us to move forward with confidence.


The stories we carry with us reflect our past and shape our future. Healing those stories is the beginning of creating the future you desire.


There is a significant difference between healing and curing. While it's ideal to have both, healing may be the more critical to living your best life after a diagnosis.


With a diagnosis, not only does our life change, but our relationships change too. This module focuses on recreating your desired relationships with purpose and intention. 


Your environment is not only your immediate physical surroundings, but also the people and situations you allow in that space. 


Your daily/weekly and monthly practices literally shape our lives. Cultivate those that contribute to living your very best life.

My friends, this is where it all begins …


It’s time to reimagine what’s possible.

It’s time to stop living your diagnosis and start living your best life.

It’s time to shed the sick role and step into the starring role of your life.

It’s time to appreciate the challenges you’ve faced and transform the way you see yourself and the way you show up in the world.

The truth is that a surviving a diagnosis changes every part of you. Change can leave you feeling stuck and scared or change can be transformative and extraordinary.

I invite you to join me for the best in transformation and extraordinary change.

Hi. I'M


I'm the creator of the Heal Your Life Circle, and I designed this unique group to empower women to heal and create extraordinary lives after a diagnosis.

Each month of the year is focused on a particular theme. This group is very special because it allows members to participate at their own pace as time and energy allow.

After successfully managing and overcoming several diagnoses, I know what it’s like to pick up the pieces and rebuild a life afterwards. And I wasn’t content to have my “old life” back, I wanted a better life, an extraordinary life. And I can help you create the your extraordinary life too!

Nurse, Coach, Mom, Yogini, Foodie and Compassionate guide, my mission is to helpwomen create extraordinary lives after a diagnosis.

"Balancing my work and personal life has always been a struggle for me. I’m so passionate about my work that I have difficulty mentally turning it off. I was convinced I didn’t have the time to focus on me or the things I really want to do in my personal life.  

What I discovered from you and your program is that I had lost sight of my personal goals. Instead, I let my personal and family “To-Do’s” masquerade as my goals clogging my routine to the point of utter frustration!

Your tools helped me put a plan in place to move past my old habits, rediscover my true personal passions, redefine them as value-driven goals. Now I feel more in control, am achieving both my professional and personal goals, and have a greater sense of purpose. Thank you!"

DeeAnn McArdle, Business owner, Wife, Mother, & Grandmother

"I began seeing Cyndi while recovering from a hip injury a few years ago. She is at once professional, supportive, empowering, engaging, and witty, with just the right amount of tough love.

She is an inspiration and a guide - once you hear the story of her journey, you'll immediately want to create your own new path - and she'll be there to help you blaze the trail.

Just once in passing I mentioned to her an idea for a business I was thinking of creating one day. She got tears in her eyes as I told her about it - she is THAT excited about the health, well-being, and success of her clients. Absolutely someone you want in your corner!!"

Amanda Daley



If you feel like you’re living a faded, shadowed, half life, a life that has become totally focused on your diagnosis and you’re ready to exchange it for the EXTRAORDINARY life you only dare to dream of…you’ve found your Circle.

Living an extraordinary life after a diagnosis means you:

  • Have a blueprint for your body and mind to embrace a fresh start
  • Focus on authentically healing your whole body
  • Create an environment that supports the life you desire
  • Deepen relationships that are important to you and release those that no longer are
  • Feel gratitude for each of life’s experiences
  • Define “who you are” after your diagnosis and intentionally live that identity
  • Rewrite your diagnosis story with you as the hero
  • Communicate across relationships with confidence and boundaries
  • Have a clear exit strategy from the “sick role” to starring role


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



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  • Members-only Facebook group
  • Monthly topics with video lessons, resources and practices
  • 2 Live calls/month with topic lessons and Q & A
  • Bonus workshops
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  • Immediate access to educational membership site.
  • Members-only Facebook group
  • Monthly topics with video lessons, resources and practices
  • 2 Live calls/month with topic lessons and Q & A
  • Bonus workshops
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  • Immediate access to educational membership site.
  • Members-only Facebook group
  • Monthly topics with video lessons, resources and practices
  • 2 Live calls/month with topic lessons and Q & A
  • Bonus workshops
  • Six 1-hour private coaching calls with Cyndi Lynne
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If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Heal Your Life Circle Membership let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.