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Hi, I’m Cyndi Lynne. I can't wait to help you create your very best life after a diagnosis.

Creator of the Heal Your Life Circle, Cyndi Lynne draws on decades of experience in healthcare, corporate management and life coaching.

Cyndi Lynne designed this unique group to empower women to heal and create extraordinary lives after a diagnosis.

Each month of the year is focused on a particular theme. This group is very special because it allows members to participate at their own pace as time and energy allow.

Successfully managing and overcoming several diagnoses, Cyndi Lynne knows what it’s like to pick up the pieces and rebuild a life afterwards. And she wasn’t content to have her “old life” back, she wanted a better life, an extraordinary life. The same is possible for you!

Nurse, Coach, Mom, Yogini, Foodie and Compassionate guide, Cyndi Lynne helps women create extraordinary lives after a diagnosis.

My Methods

Feel healthy and whole again. Mind, body, and spirit.

My method for creating an extraordinary life after a diagnosis shifts you out of the sick role and into the starring role of your life.


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The Heal Your Life Circle

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With 25+ years of nursing experience and successfully navigating numerous health challenges of her own, Cyndi Lynne has become an expert at helping women transcend their diagnosis and reclaim powerful, beautiful lives.

In addition to integrative coaching, she uses a variety of bodywork including yoga, pilates and Reiki to move clients beyond the limitations of a diagnosis and back to a full life. Believing that even in the face of chronic illness we can choose to experience joy and genuine purpose, Cyndi Lynne brings out the forgotten potential in each of her clients.

Her unique framework focuses on deep healing and rediscovering the other aspects of life and health that are so often lost when a diagnosis takes over.

Cyndi Lynne loves to speak about “Healing beyond the Cure” and living your best life after a diagnosis. Your diagnosis does not have to be your destiny.

She splits her time between lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin, with her husband Andy and dachshund rescues, Liesl and Lily.