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I Can Speak For Myself, Thank you

Apr 20, 2023
I can speak for myself and I bet you can too!
But, I have also been in a situations where a (well-meaning) friend or family member speaks on my behalf before I have a chance to respond.
I remember going to a party while in the midst of struggling with my blood sugars. I had planned my food accordingly for the day and was looking forward to sampling a couple of special items. As my hostess offered the platter, my friend stepped in--physically between me and the platter--and said "she can't have those, she's getting diabetes."
I was terribly embarrassed. I felt like a little kid who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. 
The hostess immediately apologized (for what, neither of us were sure) and turned and left. After the embarrassment passed, the anger set in. I was beyond words when it came to explaining to my friend why I was so upset.
My friend thought she had done me a service...saved me from temptation and harming myself.
My rational self knew she simply was showing that she cared about me. My emotional self felt undermined and demeaned.
My smart mind made a decision that day. I would carefully consider what health information I shared, and when I did share, I would make it clear that I was the only one who would share such information.
That policy has served me well over the years. Although there is still an occasional time when someone speaks on my behalf. My confident response: "Oh, you must have me confused with somebody else.😉"
If you're ready to answer for yourself and you're looking for some support finding the confidence and maybe even just the right words, check out The Heal Your Life Community for support in all parts of your life after a diagnosis.
Have you had to step in and reclaim your voice? I'd love to hear your story. Drop an email or text. Find more like this at #afterthediagnosis.

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